Parts all layed out ready for assembly!
Jun 01 Sat


Steve's Legacy Gets a KAPS Sequential Transmission!

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Last year was brutal for Steve in the Legacy, he battled all kinds of issues including transmission failures due to all the new found horsepower and some hard launches at the track, over the winter he decided it was time to upgrade the transmission to help him achieve his 2019 season goals for the car. A phone call to KAPS Trans located in the CZECH REPUBLIC was exactly what was needed. He started talking to them back and forth over the next several weeks and once they saw pictures of the legacy and steve explained the issues he was having with a transmission that wouldnt hold up they were glad to help and started building a full dog box sequiential trans for the legacy! Wish Steve luck this season as he plans to use this new trans to take the car deep into the 9 second range in the 1/4mile!

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