1993 Legacy STi

The story of this car starts years ago when I purchased it as a 2 owner car from an older lady, it was bone stock and ran very poorly, I remember driving it home for the first time not knowing the potenial it had. I ended up buying it for my Wife as her daily driver which she enjoyed for many years, we slowly did some light mods to it including rebuilding the EJ22T , doing a small TD04 Turbo upgrade, exhaust and some other minor visual mods. Then this story took a turn when my best friend suddenly passed away under horrible circustances, he had a 2005 Subaru STi that was his pride and joy since he bought it brand new in 2005. The car unfortunitly was in very rough shape body wise at it had been wrecked recently, after he passed away his mother signed the STi over to me knowing I was the only person he would want to have it. I then decided to strip the drivetrain, wiring and engine out of the STi body and swap it into the Legacy as a tribute to him. My wife gave me the car to let me do what I wanted to it. The rest was history as I did the most complete STi swap into this Legacy possible. Enjoy the pictures of the progress!

Engine Setup :

HMS Stage-5 EJ257 Closed Deck Pinned Main Block

Manley 79mm Stroke Billet Crankshaft

Manley TurboTuff Tri-Beam Connecting Rods

CP 9.0:1 99.75mm Forged Pistons

Outfront 1/2inch Head Studs

ARP Case Main Bolts

P&L Motorsports CNC Big Port / Big Valve Race Cylinder Heads

Kelford Custom Grind Drag Race Camshafts


High RPM Valve Springs with Titanium Retainers

KillerB Oil Pickup Tube

KillerB Oil Windage Tray

KillerB Cast Aluminum Oil Pan

Perrin Big Tube Exhaust Header

OEM Subaru Oil Cooler

12mm JDM Oil Pump

Brian Crower Adjustable Cam Gears

HKS Finetune Racing Timing Belt

LIC Timing Adjuster Pullies

Cosworth Intake Manifold Rotated

Torque Solution TGV Deletes

Cusco Engine Mounts

HMS Rotated V-Band Turbo Kit

HMS Turbo Feed Line Kit

HMS Custom AVCS Braided Oil Line Kit

Turbosmart Hypergate 45mm Wastegate

Precision 6466 V-Band Turbocharger

Invidia Custom G200 Turboback Exhaust

Garrett 3.8inch Front Mount Intercooler Core with ATP End Tanks

HMS Custom Front Mount Intercooler Piping

Fuel System:

Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc Injectors

Outfront Motorsports Billet Fuel Rails

DW400 Series Twin Fuel Pumps

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

HMS Custom In-Tank Double Pumper Hanger Setup

HMS Custom -8an Feed & -6an Return Fuel Lines

NOS WET Nitrous Oxide Kit with Warmer (100shot)



2007 STi 6-speed Transmission

2007 STi Front and Rear Axles

2007 STi R180 Rear Differential

2007 STi Brembo Brakes & 5x114.3 Hubs

Exedy Triple Disc Metallic Clutch

Cusco Transmission Mount

Custom Rear Drive Shaft Setup

Tein Circuit Master Coilovers with EDFC


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