2015 STi Launch Edition

David's 2015 STi Launch Edition AKA Charlize started out as a joint venture between Steve and Austin a few years ago, the first time Steve came out to see the car in Spokane (its home town) He was just expecting to do a routine Tune and get the car down the road for David. Upon arrival the car had many issues from a previous builder and tuner, to Steve's suprise there was actually a spare Shortblock in the trunk of the car as David was already on his 3rd engine in a short amount of time. Steve made quick work and found a major issue in the fuel system causing a serious lean condition, after fixing that and putting a solid Tune on the car the car performed great and didn't have anymore issues. The setup at the time consisted of a simple Stock Block with Forged internals and a FP Green. The car was dyno'd at around 430whp on E85 with Steve's tune. As time went on David found himself wanting more from the car and contacted HMS, from there things pretty much spiraled out of control to the point of where the car is now. The car now makes over 720whp on E98 Fuel at 47psi of Boost! David's goals were easily met to say the least and Charlize is now one SERIOUS Street Beast!

Engine Setup:

HMS Stage-5 Closed Deck EJ257 Block

Stock OEM Forged 79mm Stroke Crankshaft

HMS Platinum Forged Pistons 8.5:1 99.75mm

Manley TurboTuff I-Beam Connecting Rods

Outfront Half inch Head Studs

HMS Big Port Cylinder Heads

Brian Crower 280 Camshafts

Brian Crower High RPM Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers

HMS Custom 2.5i Shaved Intake Manifold

Gates Racing Timing Components

MAPerformance Race Exhaust Header

HMS Rotated V-Band Turbo Kit

Preicsion 6766 V-Band Turbocharger

Tial MVR 44mm External Wastegate

Invidia Q300 Turboback Exhaust

ETS 4-inch Front Mount Intercooler

HMS Custom Turbo Piping

Tial Q BOV

Cusco Engine Mounts

KillerB Oil Windage Tray

KillerB Oil Pickup Tube

KillerB Oil Pan

Fuel Setup:

Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc Injectors

Aeromotive Billet Fuel Rails

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

HMS Custom -8an Feed / -6an Return Fuel Lines

Radium Engineering Twin Intank Walbro 450 Fuel System

Drivetrain Setup:

Stock STi 6-speed Transmission

Driveshaft Shop Level-5 Axles

Exedy Triple Disc Race Clutch

Cusco Transmission Mount

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